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I meant to write this Publisher’s Letter last month but was a little nervous bringing attention to my first cover shot as a photographer. As a model, my first cover nine years ago was Iron Man magazine. Never did I think that I would become its publisher, and then one of its photographers. I always had an interest in photography and appreciated the beauty of it, especially fitness photography, but I never had ambitions (and still don’t) on pursuing it professionally. What I love is projecting my vision through the camera. My experience being on the other end as a model really helps me capture the best in athletes.
            Personally, I love being a part of the whole process. I love interacting with the athletes and working with the rest of the photography team, the art director, and the editorial department to make it come together in one final perfect piece. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to project my vision through images. Turning athletes into iconic images is my way of contributing to the industry, changing it, and being a part of it.
             I feel honored and privileged to be able to shoot the best athletes for the covers. For example, Jeremy Buendia, two-time Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique winner, who was unbelievably professional and great to work with. I loved seeing his confidence and personality shine through the photos. Being able to capture his physique and persona just before heading to Olympia for his second win was incredible.
– Binais

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