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Hardcore Powerlifting Brings The Biggest Show Of 2016 To Houston At Branch Warren’s NPC Expo In July.

1) The Athlete With The Absolute Biggest Benchpress + Deadlift Total Wins $1,000 In CASH From Symbolic Muscle.

2) There’s 6 Women’s Raw Bench Records & 6 Women’s Raw Deadlift Records. IFBB Pro Branch Warren & Metroflex Events Is Paying Out $100 For Each Of These Records That Get Broken ($1,200 Total Prize Money On The Line.)

3) There’s 8 Men’s Raw Bench Records & 8 Men’s Raw Deadlift Records. IfBB Pro Branch Warren & Metroflex Events Is Paying Out $100 – $200 For Each Of These Records That Get Broken ($2,300 Total Prize Money On The Line.)

4) In Addition To The $2,300 In Men’s Record Breaking Cash, Listed Above In Point 3, Each Broken Bench Or Deadlift Record In The Men’s Division Also Wins A $170 Wrist Watch From

Swole OClock Zeus Watch

5) The Absolute Biggest Raw Bench Of The Show Wins $250 In CASH From IFBB Pro, Branch Warren.

6) The Absolute Biggest Raw Deadlift Of The Show Wins $250 In CASH From

ALL STRENGTH & SKILL LEVELS WELCOME! First Time Competitors Are Very Welcome (18+ Years Of Age.)

Men & Women’s Gender Divisions w/Eight Body Weight Classes For The Men & Six Body Weight Classes For The Ladies.

And, As A Lagniappe For The Heaviest Hitters, ANYONE Who Can Open Up With A 500+ Pound Benchpress OR With A 700+ Pound Deadlift Can SIGN UP 100% FREE-OF-CHARGE!

NRG Park
^^^ NRG Park, The Venue For The 2016 Branch Warren Classic Expo & The Largest Rentable Convention Center In All Of Houston. ^^^

The NPC Branch Warren Classic Expo
NRG Park, Houston, Texas
Saturday, July 16th, 2016

In Addition To Our Hardcore Powerlifting “Double Titan” $5,000 Finals Stage, They’ll Also Be The NPC Branch Warren Classic Stage With Over 400 Competitors, The USA Amateur Powerlifting Summer Power Fest + The NAS Branch Warren Strongman Classic. And, With So Much Floor Space, There’s Also A Few Dozen Vendors In Attendance & With Their Sports Related Products & Services On Display.


Or Log On To:

Need An Entry Form Packet Printed Up And Mailed To Your Home Or Work? Please Call 1.503.221.2238 And Leave A Detailed Voicemail With Your Full Name & Mailing Address.

^^^ A Crowd Shot Inside The Packed Convention Center Hall At NRG Park. ^^^

There’s an in house gym contest going on in almost every American city, every month of the year. These low dollar, thrown together, hometown gatherings are still very much needed to keep the grass roots level of the game alive. But a number of these middling meets carry highly misleading names, to the point of throwing some racks and benches in a space inside a dilapidated industrial park and calling it a “World Championship.” Most of these shows distribute “1st Place” trophies to 75% of the total participants and there’s so many dozens of categories for records, that even run-of-the-mill, fitness club customers could set a record, just by finding out which federation hasn’t yet had an entry in the Ice Cream Truck Drivers & Snow Cone Cart Operators, 45+ Years Of Age, 183 – 187 Pound, Novice Division. These shows charge you $25 for a membership card (a cheap business card, what a value!) and they’ll charge you $100 for your entry and then you can shell out another $20 or so for a souvenir t-shirt (if they bother to print any up.) These shows don’t have a promoter, because the gym owner doesn’t spend a dime on any formal event advertising and their get-the-word out efforts consists of a few social networking pages and a flier posted on their fitness club’s website. And, if you’re lucky, there will be a few lunch spots within walking distance of the workout center and I’m sure that you’ll be able to buy a bottle of water for a couple of bucks. The crowd will be 100% comprised of the athletes’ friends and family members and it’s a common practice for the club boss to charge them $2 to $5 just to come in and wait around for you to perform the powerlift attempts you already paid $100+ to perform and in the gym where you already pay a monthly fee just to be a member of (on that note, can I sell you some high value swamp land in Florida or a bridge in Brooklyn? And “Thanks” for proving P.T. Barnum right.)

Like most grade school kids, I enjoyed letting my imagination create a multitude of impressive and interesting titles and professions for myself. I was a barbarian who wandered the edges of civilization, in search of treasure and with my sword for hire. I was an explorer, who delved into the pyramids of ancient Egypt and who uncovered the secrets newly discovered islands. And I was a sorcerer, who spent my days in the top of my tower, where I conjured up spirits and mythical beings from alternative universes. If you’re still living your life in the world of make believe, then by all means pay your $100 and there’s a local gym owner out there who’ll gladly give you a trophy that supports your “Strongest Man In The State” day dream. But, if you’ve joined the adults and if you’re now creating your own adventure in your own thrill seeking life, then welcome to the higher profile league. If you’re not too intimidated to step on to a legitimate professional stage, with hundreds of people watching the contest and with some of the true greats of the iron game alongside you in the line up (and in a venue that costs tends of thousands of dollars, just to rent for one weekend. A REAL high profile location!) then sign up for Hardcore Powerlifting’s “Double Titan” finals and test your might while pitting your physical power against the ones who make the headlines and who set the most respected marks in the game’s record books.

To date, The Hardcore Powerlifting Federation’s Official YouTube Channel Has Received 1,072,389 Total Views. If you’re looking for recognition and for your share of the pro show limelight, or if you just want to say that you powerlifted alongside some of the sport’s most spectacular, then our stage in Houston is the place to be this July! Or, you can just carry on competing where you’ve always competed, in front of your bored family members and training partners, who’ll have to sit through 8 hours of strangers lifting in flight after flight, in a gym with no other attractions going on and just so they can see you collect your next $20 plastic trophy and so you can add another slightly out-of-focus, mobile phone video (Hey! You got 70 “Likes” so you’re practically a living legend.) of you for your Facebook page. It’s your choice. How much value do you put on your competitive sports experience? What kind of memories do you want to have when you’re silver haired and sporting the lines and scars to prove the miles? Lifting in your buddy’s gym, with a few guys sitting in folding chairs watching you lift, isn’t much of a war story now, is it? What you lift in life echoes in eternity, but does a record falling in an empty forest make a sound? Take the bull by the horns and we’ll see you in Houston where you’ll grab your share of the gold and glory in a real strength super show on July 16th.

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