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New VIDEO! Gunz Griffin VS Jesse James In A Bench & Deadlift Duel For $1,000 In Cold Hard Cash

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Meydenbauer Center Exterior 3

The Meydenbauer Center (pictured above) was once again the host venue for what’s become The NPC’s biggest bodybuilding and fitness expo over the last thirty plus years. With its 36,000 square foot tradeshow hall and 4th floor powerlifting ballroom, this gym sports festival brings in more competitors, vendors and attendees than any other NPC event in Oregon and in Washington. Meydenbauer opened in 1993 as the Greater Seattle area’s second largest convention facility and it’s located in the heart of Bellevue, one of Seattle’s most affluent districts. Being able to put our sport in front of such a professionally successful group of individuals is a key to regaining our place in America’s mass media covered, strength pursuits. I feel as if powerlifting WILL make its triumphant return to prime time cable TV and that’s because Hardcore Powerlifting is going to continue to make the corporate executives aware of our very cool, highly entertaining and potentially profitable existence.

Emerald Cup Expo Photo 2

^^^ Over 400 NPC Competitors Took The Stage In The Main Tradeshow Hall At Craig Productions’ Emerald Cup Expo This Year! From Bodybuilding To Fitness To Figure, This Show Put A Wide Array Of Gym Built Beauty On Display, For Onlookers To Admire And To Be Inspired By. ^^^

For the fifth year in a row, The Hardcore Powerlifting Federation brought the biggest cash prize paying powerlifting show in The Pacific Northwest to Craig Production’s NPC Emerald Cup Expo. Once again, the online chumpions scurried away from the prime time stage lights like so many cockroaches, citing sprains, strains, illnesses, rips, tears and notes from their mommies, only to return to posting “Record level” gym lifts on YouTube, within days of the coast being clear again. As long as the sport continues to give credit to these kabuki theatre actors, who lay false claim to being real sporting heroes, the sport will continue to be held down by the burden that comes from allowing the fakes and frauds to get the same air time as the real deals who have the stones to compete outside of their buddies’ “Loose rules” sham shows and home gym hootenannies.

But, turning our attention to the real top talent in the middleweight division finds Garret “Gunz” Griffin making the trip up to The NW from New Orleans for the second time. Meeting him at the gates to the great northwest was Portland’s strongest barbell bender under 225 pounds body weight, Jesse James Marvin. The ensuing barbell battle electrified the Emerald Cup Expo crowd and the contenders efforts clearly wow’d and inspired the thrilled throng in Bellevue’s Meydenbauer Center. When the dust from the afternoon’s assault on gravity had settled, $1,600 in total cash prizes had been won and a new deadlifting record was set in the men’s 200 pound division and that earned the now current record holder a sharp looking watch from Swole O’Clock. Hardcore Powerlifting is very pleased to be working with Franz’l Dorner for our videography and Mr. Dorner will be releasing three additional highlight videos from this annual Northwest Pro Am. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel at or stay tuned to this blog on IRON MAN Magazine’s website so ya don’t miss em when they’re released this Summer!

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Hardcore Powerlifting’s “DOUBLE TITAN” Part 2
The Branch Warren Classic Expo
NRG Park, Houston, Texas, July 16th


Absolute Biggest Raw Bench + Deadlift (2 lift total) Of The Show Wins $1,000 CASH From

Absolute Biggest Raw Bench Of The Show Wins $250 CASH From IFBB Pro, Branch Warren &

Absolute Biggest Raw Deadlift Of The Show Wins $250 CASH From IFBB Pro, Branch Warren &

$100 CASH For Every Broken Benchpress Or Deadlifting Record In The Women’s Division (all body weight classes.)

$100 – $200 CASH For Every Broken Benchpress Or Deadlift Record In The Men’s Division (all body weight classes.)

Plus A $169 Watch From For Every Man Who Sets A New Bench Or Deadlift Record In Any Body Weight Class.


Do You Raw Bench 500 Pounds Or More? Do You Raw Deadlift 700 Pounds Or More? Then You Can Sign Up FREE-OF-CHARGE! Please Contact Our Office For Your VIP Sign Up At 1.503.221.2238

2016 Emerald Cup Booth

Thanks to everyone who came out to be a part of this year’s Emerald Cup Expo weekend! And a special “THANK YOU!” to all of our corporate sponsors and supporters who make these shows possible.

Hardcore Powerlifting’s “DOUBLE TITAN” Middleweight Pro Show
Saturday, April 30th, 2016
The Emerald Cup Expo, Bellevue, Washington

Entry Form At

Being Held At The Branch Warren Classic Expo In Houston, Texas On Saturday, July 16th, 2016.

This Pro / Am Was Sponsored By:

Garrett “Gunz” Griffin
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
36 Years Old
5’8 Height
217.8 Pounds Body Weight (3 hour weigh-in)
Max Raw Bench 490, 505, 515 (miss) = 505 Pounds
Max Raw Deadlift 600, 640, 660 (miss) = 640 Pounds
Push Pull Total = 1,145 Pounds
Won $1,000 CASH From Symbolic Muscle

Jesse James Marvin
Portland, Oregon, USA
23 Years Old
5’11 Height
202.8 Pounds Body Weight (3 hour weigh in)
Max Raw Bench 410, 420 (miss), 420 (miss) = 410 Pounds
Max Raw Deadlift 610, 650, 670 = 670 Pounds
Push Pull Total = 1,080 Pounds

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