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Event Details For Hardcore Powerlifting’s Stage At This Weekend’s Branch Warren Classic In Houston

Hardcore Powerlifting’s “DOUBLE TITAN” Part 2
Men’s Heavyweight Final + Record Breakerz (both gender divisions & all weight classes)
The Branch Warren Classic Expo
Saturday, July 16th, 2016

NRG Park

NRG Center at NRG Park

NRG Center
NRG Park Map


Weigh-Ins 9AM – 1030AM

(3 Hour Period Between The Start Of Weigh Ins And The First Round Of Benchpressing. This Time Will Be Used For Completing The Registration Process, For Getting The Athletes’ Respective Body Weights Recorded, For The Issuing Of Uniforms, For The Setting Up Of The Video Cameras & Sound System And For The Competitors’ Warm Up.)

Max Raw Benchpress NOON – 130PM (2 flights of benching and with the heaviest competitors being in the first flight grouping)

Max Raw Deadlift 145PM – 3PM (2 flights of deadlifting and with the heaviest competitors being in the first flight grouping)


The Hardcore Powerlifting Stage Will Be Located Within The Main Expo Hall (the same hall as the vendor booths, the NPC stage and the USAPL amateur powerlifting stage.)

MOST Of The Competitors’ Names & ALL Of The Stage Crew’s Names Are On A Roster At The Athletes’ Check-In Table (wrist band station) Out By The Ticket Window In The Main Lobby. If You Mailed In Your Sign Up Papers After The July 5th Post Mark Deadline, There’s A Chance That Your Name Will Be Missing From This List. Please Do NOT Protest Having To Pay To Get Into The Hall. And Please Do NOT Attempt To Reach Anyone Running The Stage, With The Hopes That They’ll Be Able To Come Out To The Gate To Vouch For Your Waived Admission Price. The Expo Hall Will Be Packed With People And We Won’t Have Time To Dash Back & Forth. This Venue Costs $75,000 Just For The 48 Hour Rental Space Alone, So Please Be Happy That You Were Allowed To Enrol After The Deadline & Please Just Chip In The $25 For The All Access Day Pass (thank you.) And All Friends, Family Members, Coaches, Training Partners & Fans Will Need To Please Pay The Regular Ticket Price, For Admission Into The Main Hall.


Hardcore Powerlifting’s 2015 Branch Warren Classic Expo Stage

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Hardcore Powerlifting’s 2013 Branch Warren Classic Expo Stage

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