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5 Gym-Accountability Hacks

1.) Block it off on your calendar.

If you’re like the clients I train you live by your outlook calendar. Some of them set notifications 30-minutes prior to know when to leave their desk and get ready for the gym. After a while it becomes a habit and what started off as an accountability trick becomes a healthy routine.

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2.) Commit with a friend.

In words of the late Greg Plitt, “It takes a weak person to cancel on someone.”

Our friends are there for us through the good, bad, so why not healthy? Build a camaraderie with friends who have the same work ethic as you in the gym so you can not only get swole together, but have a good time doing it.

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3.) Sign up with a personal trainer.

As a personal trainer, I take pride in bugging my clients to show up to our appointments on top of going on their own to do their homework. This effect is similar to #2 in that it is similar to committing to a friend that you don’t want to disappoint.

Another aspect of this is the financial investment in your health. Let’s face it, we find more value in things we pay for.

4.) Set an alarm.

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5.) Take a group fitness class.

The group effect is an amazing thing. I teach group fitness classes regularly at the same day and time every week. In these classes I begin to notice who my regular students are. It is one thing for me as an instructor to keep them accountable but it’s even better when they keep each other accountable.

It warms my heart to see how close the students grow to one another. Once in a while one of the regulars won’t show up and a handful of us will show concern and ask where he or she was.

Other times I see some of the students running late and the early birds will set up the equipment for the others knowing they would show up.

Having an awesome community is key to any success you’re striving for. But remember you can create your own community–surround yourself with like-minded individuals and hit the gym!

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