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Are your fitness goals S.M.A.R.T?

Whether it is a new month or a new year, many of us will set some sort of fitness goal in order to achieve a certain look, level of athleticism, or frequency of exercising in a week. Ever since I learned how to set SMART goals at a personal training workshop I have used it over and over again with different goals.

It is important to set attainable goals to reinforce the reasons why you work out. Having goals and setting them will allow you to measure and quantify your training routine.

What are SMART goals?

S– Specific – Your goals should be stated in detail. Know exactly what you wish you accomplish.

M– Measurable – “What gets measured gets managed.” You’ll need to have parameters to know you have met these goals.

A– Attainable – Think about action steps you can take to help you reach these goals.

R– Relevant – The best way to approach this is to ask yourself why these goals are important to you. Once you’ve determined this, you have found the emotional link that will drive you to complete your task.

T– Time Bound – When will you complete your goal? Set a few target dates to ensure your goal is completed in a timely fashion.

My example:

S- I set a goal to squat a 200lbs personal best for 1 rep.

M– That would be a 25lbs increase in my all-time best. (Previous personal best: 175lbs)

A- I would squat and increase my 1 rep maximum by 2-5 lbs every week.

R– It’s important for me to be strong because I once knew what it felt like to be weak.

T– I set a goal to do this in 12-weeks. By 6-weeks in I wanted to be able to squat 185lbs with ease.

End result: I ended up achieving my goal by squatting 205lbs in the 12-week time period =)




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