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Holiday Gifts for your Fit Friend

With Christmas just right around the corner you might be wondering what to get for the fit friend in your life. Here are 10 things varying from modest to more expensive based on your budget!

1.) Gym Bag
A necessity for your fit friend who is on the go! A gym bag makes it convenient to leave from work/school/home centralizing all of his/her gym gear making it convenient to get ready for exercise anywhere.

2.) Exercise clothes
Fitness is a lifestyle. The right attire makes it training fun!

3.) Yoga Mat
Whether your fitness pal is a yogi or not, a yoga mat is an item I recommend for most active souls. It creates a space dedicated to yourself to either stretch, do bodyweight exercise, and breathe. It is also portable.

4.) Lock
Most gyms have lockers available to secure items mentioned above. I like combination locks so that I don’t have to carry a key everywhere. Just make sure to memorize the combination–i’ve had hard workouts where I literally forget my code!

5.) Planner/Notebook
What gets measured gets managed! The act of documenting your fitness activity is a great way to pay attention to oneself.

6.) Earphones- music is a huge motivator!

7.) Weightlifting Belt
This may not be for everyone but if your heavy lifting pal is looking to take his/her strength to the next level a belt is an extremely helpful too.

8.) Protein Shaker
A convenient way to carry protein/water to sip post-workout.

9.) Fitbit/HR monitor
An accurate way to measure caloric burn, steps, and even heart rate. If you are looking to measure heart rate more accurately I would go for the heart rate monitor that comes with a chest strap for accuracy.

10.) Shoes
“Fit” is a general term. You may want to dig first to see what activities interest your friend. For example, running shoes serve a different purpose than a weightlifting shoe.

Comment below with your favorite fit gift ideas!

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